Ocala Home Clean out

home clean out

This one is a Golden Ocala Home Clean out! The amount of stuff just in the garage is a project in itself. This one took us a few hours to complete. You’re looking at a two car garage full from wall to wall, floor to ceiling! That’s just the start of it. We had to clean out the garage first to make way to get to the rest of the house. The garage of this one filled 45 cubic yards of dumpster, which is roughly 3 tons of junk. As you can see we left quite a few items the homeowner asked us to leave in this one, which can be difficult when its all mixed in, but always glad to do so. Have an ocala home clean out like this? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our guys do this day in, and day out. this took two guys about 4 hours to clean the whole house. (only two rooms showed) We have enough talented employees to finish even the worst, most intimidating jobs quickly and easily.

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